How Porn Helped Make BBWPopular

For decades, society has been feeding people a lie that most accepted as true. Using media outlets, mainstream movies, TV shows and magazines, they showed everyone images of what perfection should look like. These images were – and still are in most cases – of skinny beautiful women. From news outlets to Hollywood movies, the girls used were always thin and perfect. However, that has all been changing quite a lot lately. A great deal of Television shows, TV ads and magazines have been depicting larger women. These are not the typical skinny girls we have been told for generations were the way all women should look like. Instead, the plus-size women and models are the kind some would never think of using years ago. Nonetheless, these big beautiful women are now dominating TV ads, magazines, shows and even runways.

Porn Helped Make BBW
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So what exactly happened to make all this take place? How has something that’s been in place for centuries suddenly dying? While some may not want to agree, porn is partly responsible. The reality is that pornography played a big role in making BBW acceptable. Not only that, into making big beautiful plus-sized girls sex objects. Even popular singing artists have been making songs about BBW. Although most will agree that plus-sized girls are in demand now, not all are ready to give porn the accolades. They will point to other reasons as to why suddenly, chubby and large women are in such high demand.

Still, no matter how you slice it, the proof of the role pornography played is there. One only has to look at the statistics of popular porn sites such as PornHub. They show that the search term BBW porn spiked 47% the past few years. Not only that, the actual BBW category is among one of the most popular as well. Within the genre, there are several other sub categories referring to large or chubby girls. Most porn sites list the BBW hardcore porn videos as among the most popular. One only has to type the three letters to see how many other suggestions pop up.

The reality is that most people are surprised by the vast amount of results which come up. Some of the suggestions are things a large amount of the population may not have been aware existed. One example are porn video results depicting BBW creampie. Although some may know what a creampie refers to, most do not. Creampie porn videos is what happens when a man comes inside a woman’s vagina or ass. The semen then drips slowly out of it causing what is referred to as a ‘creampie’.

In addition to the creampie porn videos, there are countless of others. For instance, if you were interested in seeing a young plus-size girl having sex, you turn to the BBW teen section. On the other hand, if you wanted to see a much older big beautiful girl, then you would choose the BBW MILF or BBW mature genre. The same rule applies when choosing a chubby or big woman from another country. Or one of a particular ethnicity. Case in point are the ones allowing you to see an ebony, Asian or Latina BBW. These are just some of the many other types of hardcore or soft-core porn videos and material depicting large girls you can find online.

Irrespective of what kind of BBW porn you may be into, there is something else to consider when it comes to its popularity. One must also take into account the large number of people who have mobile devices. And by that token, access to the internet and porn sites. Keep in mind that many of the porn material found online today is amateur or homemade. That means that it’s not professional companies making the adult movies. Instead, they are everyday people who engage in sex acts and want others to view it. The individuals on these movies want others to see them having sex.

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Ironically, the women in the homemade hardcore porn movies may not have always felt this way. Some of them perhaps hesitated to show themselves to others. Society could have made them feel as if their bodies were not what people considered sexy or the right size. However, all that has changed now and the evidence is clear based on the large number of user uploaded and shared content. Some would say that big beautiful women could be thankful to porn for helping alter how society viewed them. And for altering the perception of what sexy is. Skinny girls need to make room for large women since they are no longer sitting on the sidelines. BBW’s are more popular than ever and we can thank porn for that.


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