7 Health Issues You Can Prevent If You’re Having Good Sex Regularly

7 Health Issues You Can Prevent If You're Having Good Sex Regularly

Sex is more than just intercourse, a loving relationship, and physical touch. It can actually fight several health issues, especially if you’re doing it regularly.

Lots of people overlook the importance of keeping their body and mind healthy. Fortunately, sex can help alleviate us from these life-threatening diseases. Read on to know what health protection you’ll get from regular sex.

  1. Insomnia

Have trouble staying asleep or falling asleep? You might need to schedule a sex session with your partner to help you nod off.  After reaching the big O, odds are, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed. So, it comes as no surprise that you likely pass out after intercourse.

Our brain releases hormones like vasopressin, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and serotonin during and after the event. It’s the reason behind why we become sleepy.

  1. Heart diseases

Regular sex can also prevent the risk of developing heart illness. It aids in keeping your testosterone and oestrogen level balanced.  As per American Journal of Cardiology publication last January 2015, they discovered that men who had intercourse at least two times every week are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Prostate cancer

A research from Boston University of Public Health revealed that more frequent ejaculation reduces your chance of getting prostate cancer.  Around 32,000 men participated in this research. They figured out the men who age ranges between 20-29 were 19% less likely to develop prostate cancer when they have sex 21 times or even more monthly than those who did not ejaculate more often.

  1. Menstrual cramps

Doing the deed can lessen period pain every time menstrual cramp attacks, says women.  How did this happen? Muscle contraction happens as soon as they reach their climax, relieving tension within the muscles of the uterus. Hence, it eases the pain.

Aside from menstrual cramps, orgasm and sexual stimulation can also reduce symptoms of headache and arthritis.

  1. Flu and colds

Being sexually active can ward off flu and colds.  At least have fun in bed one to twice every week to increase your immunoglobulin level in your body.   Hitting the sack improves your body’s ability to generate protective antibodies which fights bacteria and germs.

However, maintaining a strong immune system isn’t just about having a good sex life. You still need to eat properly, get enough sleep and exercise daily.

  1. Urinary incontinence

Make love with your woman to strengthen and tone their pelvic floor muscles. Doing so will prevent them from getting urinary incontinence. Orgasm trigger these muscles, which women utilize when performing Kegel exercises.

  1. High blood pressure

Did you just say that you are struggling against high blood pressure? If so, sex can be your best-answered prayer.  A plethora of studies found out that having intercourse is linked directly to lower systolic blood pressure.

Start improving your sex life to avoid these above-mentioned health problems. You hold your future. It will be fulfilling if you make it worth living. By observing a healthy life, you are giving yourself a wonderful gift.

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