How To Last Longer in Bed

How To Last Longer in Bed

Making love with someone who cums immediately or cannot keep it can leave you feeling frustrated. So, for those who ache due to this sexual shortcoming, don’t worry.  There are tons of ways to improve your endurance in bed.

  1. Get active.

According to Scott Hays, the author of Sexual Fitness for Men and Build for Sex, there are certain exercises that help boost your sexual performance and stamina. This includes kegels, groin stretches, pelvic lifts, cardio, and lunges.

  1. Improve your foreplay

To ensure that he will last long enough and you will get the stimulation and arousal you want, prolong your foreplay. Based on the recent research published in the Journal of Sexual Research, people who perform pre-play acts like kissing, self-stimulation, cuddling, oral sex, etc. tend to spend more time in the bed with their lover than couples who just concentrate on intercourse.

  1. Masturbate, masturbate, masturbate!

Masturbation is not only good for your skin. It lets you know as well what kind of touch excites most of the time. Moreover, it delays orgasm for men. Experts recommend masturbating an hour or two before having sex.

  1. Try the Squeeze Technique

Intensify your orgasmic response and gain greater control during ejaculation through squeeze technique.

Once you are sexually excited, locate where the skin meets the frenulum (tip of your erect penis) and squeeze it.  Utilize your thumb so you can squeeze it firmly with your index finger. Make sure it is not too painful and must last only for about 10 to 15 seconds.  When the sensation of near orgasmic inevitability is gone, you may resume your sexual activity.

  1. Try new sex positions.

One golden rule in a relationship: do not stick with one sex position. As much as possible, switch positions and try new ways of stimulation to achieve continued arousal. Opt for a position which encourages slower and shallower movements such as:

  • Cowgirl
  • Spooning
  • Reverse cowgirl
  • Side by side facing each other
  1. Condoms can help too.

Did you know that condom can reduce penis sensitivity to some extent? That is true. Thicker condoms will make him feel less. They come in an array of thickness, usually from .05 millimeters to 1 millimeter.

  1. Say no to smoking and alcoholic drinks

Your lifestyle greatly affects your sexual endurance and stamina. To avoid being called as ‘one-minute man,’ quit smoking and drinking alcohols.  You should know that a healthy vascular system is crucial if you’d like to have a strong and reliable erection, says Laurence A. Levine, M.D. the chief medical officer of Promescent and a urologist.

Furthermore, alcohol is a type of depressant. Drinking too much can lead to poor performance in bed.

  1. Set the right mindset.

Sex is not a marathon. Don’t think that the length of your sexy time is linked directly to the performance you are giving. Come to think of it: two hours of lousy sex won’t change the fact that it is still bad sex. However, a 10-minute mind-boggling quickie can be memorable.

Now that you know how to sharpen your skills for an intimate encounter, do not let insecurity ruin your hot session tonight!

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